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Recap of 2008 Olympic Trials

From Laura's perspective...

A.G. is preparing for the 2008 Track and Field Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon. The Olympic Trials designates which athletes will represent the USA in the 2008 Games. With A.G.'s current throwing marks, we are very optimistic about A.G. securing his spot on the Team. A.G. will be qualifying at the Trials on Monday, June 30th at 7pm in the evening and then the Men's Hammer Throw Finals are on Friday, July 4th!

6/30/08- Quick update... the Men's Hammer Qualifying just completed and A.G. threw over 73 meters which is great! He's automatically qualified to compete in the finals on Friday, along with the other top 12 athletes. There are pictures to come soon, once they are uploaded. It was a great meet tonight!!
Today is the day of qualifying for the Men's Hammer. A.G. competes tonight as he is in good spirits and looking forward to tonight's competition. There are 2 flights of athletes in the men's hammer qualifying round and A.G. is in the 2nd flight to compete. Competition starts at 7pm (pacific time zone). Over the weekend, all family members have arrived safely into Eugene, Or. Eugene is known as "Track Town USA" with bike trails and parks everywhere, where it's perceived to be a very healthy city. The weather is beautiful- high 70's/mid 80's, low humidity and a cool breeze. We'll keep you updated with info and pictures. Keep A.G. in your thoughts and prayers... 

7/01/08-The results from yesterday's qualifying meet are online (including 1st & 2nd flights, and final marks are displayed at the bottom from both flights). Today was a relaxing day since A.G. had to attend an Olympic meeting and stay off his feet. So the rest of us spent the day at the coast seeing Sea Lions & splashing around in the ocean (which was VERY cold!).

7/02/08- Today is a rest day for all athletes, no events are being held. No events were held yesterday either. A.G. is maintaining his training and lifting schedule at the local facilities to continue his throwing for Friday. As an athlete, A.G. doesn't get nervous for large events like the Olympic Trials (as most people would!). Actually, he gets real excited for the meet. A.G. is very consistent throughout the year which is ideal when projecting upcoming marks. Many people ask him how his eating and sleeping schedule is different as an Olympic athlete, and the answer is that his eating and sleeping is perfectly normal! He doesn't deprive himself of any sweets, just eating in moderation. For the most part this week, A.G. has been relaxing in order to stay off his feet for Friday's meet. It would be great if he could travel around the state and go site-seeing, but that would require being on your feet and getting tired from the sun. So typically, it's a very relaxing, low-key week!

7/03/08- Another relaxing day today before the Finals tomorrow. We all did some shopping today at some local stores. Tonight we'll be heading to the track to watch the qualifying events for the women's hammer, men's discus, and women's shot put. Since we are staying at the host hotel where all the elite athletes stay, we are seeing many athletes. Actually, we just got off the elevator (and saw him at the mall) with Tyson Gay. As some of you may know, you can also look at pictures of the Olympic Trials on TrackShark.  More updates later!

7/04/08- Happy 4th of July! Yes, today is the day of the Men's Hammer Finals Competition. So far this morning, everyone is in good spirits and looking forward to tonight- including A.G. who just left for breakfast. Today we'll be relaxing until the afternoon when we'll take the shuttle over to the track (at University of Oregon)... by the way, it's a beautiful track facility.
The Men's Hammer starts at 7pm pacific time (10pm eastern). Of the 24 men that competed in the Hammer Qualifying on Monday, tonight's finals will consist of those top 12 athletes to compete for their place on the USA Track and Field Olympic Team. There are many scenario's which can determine who goes to the Games pending on athlete's final marks tonight, but simply-- since A.G. has thrown the farthest in the US this year, he can secure his spot (with no questions asked) by placing first tonight. That is his plan, obviously. If he does not place first, these other scenario's come into play.  Below is the start list for tonight's finals. These are the top 12 men to compete. A.G. is 7th to compete, his athlete number is #762, and his throw of 73.30 meters at qualifying brought him into tonight's final competition.

Event 35  Men Hammer Throw
Friday 7/4/2008 - 7:00 PM
Auto Qualifier: 72.00
       World:  86.74m  8/30/1986   Yuriy Sedykh, URS
    American:  82.52m  9/7/1996    Lance Deal, NYAC
          OT:  80.12m  6/4/1992    Jud Logan, NYAC
     Hayward:  82.65m  2004        Koji Murofushi, Japan
           Name                        Year Team                Prelims     Finals
Flight 1  Finals
  1    974 Travis Nutter                    unattached           72.87m
  2   1009 David Paul                       unattached           69.65m
  3    848 Cory Martin                      Auburn               73.22m
  4    422 Jake Dunkleberger                Auburn               69.51m
  5   1002 James Parker                     unattached           71.33m
  6    480 Thomas Freeman                   unattached           72.08m
  7    762 A.G. Kruger                      Nike                 73.30m
  8    829 Lucais MacKay                    unattached           68.34m
  9    878 Kevin McMahon                    unattached           68.46m
10    836 Michael Mai                      U.S. Army            68.70m
11   1038 Garland Porter                   unattached           68.13m
12    707 Kibwe Johnson                    New York A C         68.38m

Also, I took many more pictures last night of the facilities and events to post, but this morning my computer & camera didn't get along and I lost them. Since today is the 4th of July, there are fireworks at the track at 10pm after the last event (Men's 10K). There are several celebratory events going on at the track today too. I'll be posting the results as soon as I can.
Keep A.G. in your thoughts and prayers, we appreciate it.
Today is the day we've been waiting 4 years for... 
Watching A.G. throw last night was amazing! Even though we're all excited about the event, the nerves in all of us started to kick in. As I mentioned in my last blog, we relaxed most of the day yesterday... watched TV, played ping pong, etc, to stay relaxed and stay off his feet. We headed over to the track at 5pm where A.G. went to the athlete's prep area and the rest of us grabbed our seats in the bleachers. Once the 7pm Finals Competition began, the entire bleachers were packed with spectators to watch these 12 men compete. At the competition, each of the 12 athletes had 3 throws each. THEN, the top 8 were allowed 3 MORE throws to determine the winner. With EVERY throw A.G. had, his marks grew longer in length and he maintained 1st place from the very beginning. It was an excellent competition with Jake, Kevin & Travis competing  with good throws too. Everyone competed well. Below are the final marks of everyone- of all 12 throwers. All results can be found at

Men Hammer Throw
Men Hammer Throw
       World: W 86.74m  8/30/1986   Yuriy Sedykh, URS
    American: A 82.52m  9/7/1996    Lance Deal, NYAC
          OT: T 80.12m  6/4/1992    Jud Logan, NYAC
     Hayward: S 82.65m  2004        Koji Murofushi, Japan
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 A.G. Kruger                  Nike                    75.81m     248-09
      74.04m  74.94m  75.39m  75.56m  75.81m  73.68m
  2 Kevin McMahon                unattached              74.49m     244-05
      72.55m  73.95m  FOUL  74.49m  72.62m  FOUL
  3 Thomas Freeman               unattached              73.59m     241-05
      72.92m  71.76m  1.91m  73.59m  FOUL  72.41m
  4 Travis Nutter                unattached              73.25m     240-04
      69.70m  73.25m  FOUL  71.03m  73.00m  71.57m
  5 Michael Mai                  U.S. Army               71.75m     235-05
      71.75m  67.81m  69.37m  71.75m  FOUL  FOUL
  6 Cory Martin                  Auburn                  71.64m     235-00
      71.09m  71.29m  71.23m  71.64m  FOUL  71.15m
  7 James Parker                 unattached              69.97m     229-07
      69.50m  FOUL  69.97m  69.09m  FOUL  FOUL
  8 Jake Dunkleberger            Auburn                  68.90m     226-00
      66.43m  66.83m  68.62m  FOUL  68.90m  68.28m
  9 Garland Porter               unattached              68.53m     224-10
      66.00m  67.47m  68.53m
10 Lucais MacKay                unattached              67.71m     222-02
      67.71m  67.34m  FOUL
11 David Paul                   unattached              66.65m     218-08
      FOUL  66.65m  FOUL
-- Kibwe Johnson                New York A C              FOUL

I have some pictures... I'm going to upload them in a couple hours. I wanted to blog first in order to share the great news!!! A.G. wants his mom & I to travel to Beijing to watch him throw, so of course- we'll go!! We are very excited! We are going to be hosting some support events within the next month to raise money for our trip. Within the next few days, we will have compete details about these support events on our website within the next few days (including dates, times, information, etc) in order for you to get involved. Check back soon as I will be posting pictures... and will be continuing to update the site daily.
Thanks for the thoughts and prayers from all of you. The excitement on A.G.'s face at the end of the competition was an expression of amazement and gratitude. He has worked very hard for the last 4 years to get to this moment and to achieve these results. He thanks you and I do too.


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