Sunday, March 31, 2013


Dealing with multiple different athletes and also my own training, one main theme comes to mind when finding success- that is focus. Most people think it is something that happens only when you compete, but it is so much more than this. Focus needs to be a day in and day out thing, with everything you do.

If you are in school, it has to be about your studies because without passing grades you will not be able to compete or be eligible. Then besides that, it is about what you are doing to better yourself for your sport. Whether it is how you prepare each day for practice- which is not just showing up right before practice and going, or your effort every day at practice- not just going through the motions but giving your full effort for that day. Then it is also how you perceive practice, positive or negative, and then what you learn each day to progress yourself as an athlete. As a post collegiate athlete, what are you doing to optimize each day of practice? Sometimes that can be tough when you are not keeping your focus on your goal.

The thing I encourage is if you want to achieve something, you have to focus your life around this. I never have a problem with any athlete I work with if there is effort- that means there is focus. But as an athlete, if you do not want to bring focus and effort every day- why do you even do it? Start every day with a goal and focus to become great, for whatever level of athlete that is. Then you can end every day knowing you have done something great!

A.G. Kruger III