You can reach me in a variety of ways- 

By email:

Also by facebook: 

This records specific milestones and updates solely related to my Olympic training

This is more generalized information about my whereabouts and what I'm doing- coaching, family, life, travels, etc. 

In the past I have assisted others in these areas...

  • Conducted individual and group personal training sessions 
  • Worked with high school, collegiate athletes and adults
  • Established goals for those pursuing athletic goals (at all levels) and sedentary individuals interested in a more active lifestyle.  
  • Designed workouts specific to athlete goals (I have designed workouts for practically all sports- literally). There are very few sports for which I have not designed a work out.
  • Presented at national and state conferences, local clinics, high schools and university campuses, etc. 
  • Served as a guest speaker at high school events and lectures.


  1. A G - can you give me your email address...I would like to send you a note. Gene Ambroson - Director, Alumni Relations, Morningside College