Friday, December 26, 2014

NTCA Clinic Presentation

Well I am leaping into the 21st century a little late- I got a smart phone. I know. But I am also posting my presentation key points here for ease. The following outline is for the 35lb weight throw. These key points are the different things that have helped me throw the weight consistently.
1) Make the Weight What It Is
Heavy & Short, Push the Ball and Step, Technician vs. Distance (same or not)
2) Entry
What makes the throw feel right, Do the same as the hammer, How much training to do entry
3) Sit vs. Sit
Sitting is not on the toilet, Shoulders against, counter the ball, feel in hip and right quad, connection
4) Foot Work
Repetition, repetition, repetition, 0 90 180 step, 90* hold, Turn, turn, turn
5) What is MIDDLE
Counter back to be middle, Hold middle to get pulled out, No counter, no throw
6) Rhythm, Tempo, Competition
Rhythm- 80 to 85% of all throws, Russian style range throwing
Tempo- next gear, from 2&2 to 1&3, pick up beats
Competition- find mental key and go, did not say key's, Competing is letting training come out
7) General
Always find good, Coaches can critique, Athletes need to focus on positive
8) Questions? Let me know

NTCA Clinic Presentation
Columbus, Ohio
December 2014